CHAMBERS GUARANTEE: 100% PRIVATE GAMES  (We will never group you with strangers.)
(We will never group you with strangers.)

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

If you thought live-action escape rooms were fun, wait until you try our virtual reality escape rooms! We utilize some of the most advanced VR equipment and technology available to create a truly immersive and interactive experience. Our games are team-based and free roam — meaning you and your group are able to play together in the same space, completely untethered by wires or cables! Jump, duck, crouch and pass things to each other in a virtual space that maps right on to the physical one. Our games feel so real, you won’t believe you never left the room…


Must be 48 inches / 4 feet tall to play

Not all glasses fit in headsets (see FAQ)

Halloween Special!

[Limited Time]

Manor of Escape

You and your team of paranormal specialists are investigating the old manor on the top of the hill. The man who lives there has been experimenting with things he shouldn't. You can get in... But can you get out?

60min   2-5
3 Stages | Difficulty: 7/10

Dragon Tower

Escape captivity from this medieval town, using your wits and cunning (and a little bit of magic) to avoid a fiery fate at the hands of an evil alchemist.

45min   2-5
3 Stages | Difficulty: 6/10

Space Station Tiberia

Floating in low-orbit, you and your crew must restore power to a disabled space station to stop an incoming meteor from destroying the Earth.

60min   2-5
3 Stages | Difficulty: 7/10

Depths of Osiris

Dive deep below the surface with your team of explorers to uncover an ancient sunken temple before your oxygen supplies run out.

60min   2-5
4 Stages | Difficulty: 8/10


Hospital of Horror

Add it to your VR game at checkout!


Add it to your VR game at checkout!