CHAMBERS GUARANTEE: 100% PRIVATE GAMES  (We will never group you with strangers.)
(We will never group you with strangers.)

The Temple



You are a team of treasure hunters, aiming to break into an ancient Egyptian temple to steal the relics within. Your man on the outside has bought you 60 minutes before the authorities come and close the site down for good – so you have this small window of time to break in, steal the Pharaoh’s Golden Idol (if it even exists…) and get out. 

Be warned: There are rumors of ancient traps and curses that lay within, protecting against tomb raiders. 

But you obviously don’t believe in any of that nonsense…  



Time Limit

60 Minutes

Group Size

3-10 Players


Chambers did not disappoint! Our group of 8 did the live Temple game and loved it. The difficulty was just right (medium), with enough puzzles and types to keep the group challenged and busy without feeling repetitive or like busy work. Speaking of busy work, Chambers gets rid of much of it by minimizing the time you spend digging in every corner for a scrap of paper in favor of an immersive experience where the clues are found quickly so you can get to solving your way to the end.
We booked a live action room (temple) for 4 and had a blast ! The puzzles were doable and the quality of the room was unreal. Really felt like you were transported. We definitely will come back and try the other rooms
Fantastic experience. The facilities and staff were amazing. Highly recommend the temple puzzle, which is the only one of it's kind on the island. I have not tried the VR facility but I have high expectations. Will definitely be back with groups of friends.