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(We will never group you with strangers.)

Live-Action Escape Rooms

You may have played escape rooms before… But you have never played rooms like ours.

We offer 3rd Generation escape rooms — advanced games that boast incredible immersive environments, high-tech interactive puzzles, and narrative-driven gameplay that unfolds throughout the game! Hollywood-level set design and special effects create a full sensory experience, while automated puzzles and triggers keep you on your toes! Our games combine the mind-bending challenge of escape rooms with the cinematic excitement of a movie — with YOU at the center.

Come see the difference. After playing with us, escape rooms will never be the same again.

The Temple

You are treasure hunters seeking the Pharaoh's Golden Idol. You've discovered the hidden temple, but traps and dangers lay within.

60min   3-10
Intermediate | Rooms: ???


coming soon

60min   3-8